About the Book
"All the Real Indians Died Off" and 20 Other Myths About Native Americans is based on the most current theoretical trends in the field of Native American Studies. Taking settler colonialism as its starting place, it is written in a way that is accessible to the lay reader and student alike.

Because it deconstructs myths by debunking stereotypes, the book is an excellent reader for social studies classes at the high school and college level. It will serve as an irreplaceable supplement to the curricula of educators at lower grade levels to assist them in their own understanding of how to teach about Native Americans. 
The 21 Myths Are:

Myth 1:  “All the Real Indians Died Off”
Myth 2:  “Indians Were the First Immigrants to the Western Hemisphere”
Myth 3:  “Columbus Discovered America”
Myth 4:  “Thanksgiving Proves the Indians Welcomed the Pilgrims”
Myth 5:  “Indians Were Savage and Warlike”
Myth 6:  “Indians Should Move on and Forget the Past”
Myth 7:  “Europeans Brought Civilization to Backward Indians”
Myth 8:  “The United States did Not Have a Policy of Genocide”
Myth 9:  “US Presidents were Benevolent or at least Fair-minded”
Myth 10: “The Only Real Indians Are Full-Bloods, and They Are Dying Off”
Myth 11: “The United States Gave Indians their Reservations”
Myth 12: “Indians Are Wards of the State”
Myth 13: “Sports Mascots Honor Native Americans”
Myth 14: “Native American Culture Belongs to All Americans”
Myth 15: “Most Indians Are on Government Welfare”
Myth 16: “Indian Casinos make them All Rich”
Myth 17: “Indians are Anti-Science”
Myth 18: “Indians are Naturally Predisposed to Alcoholism”
Myth 19: “What’s the Problem with thinking of Indian Women As Princesses or Squaws?”
Myth 20: “Native Americans Can’t Agree on What To Be Called”
Myth 21: “Indians are Victims and Deserve Our Sympathy”